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26th March 2007

createaworld11:51am: American Psycho
I'm reading it, and enjoying it...any thoughts on the book or movie?

7th November 2006

karamaia2:53am: Kids Literati
Hello, I'd like to let you know about Kids Literati, my kidlit book blog, in which I post reviews about all my favorite (and my kid's favorite) books. I review classic and hip books, out-of-print and new release. Check it out at http://www.kidsliterati.squarespace.com and you can add it to your friends list on lj, because it's syndicated! Check that out here: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/kidsliterati/

6th August 2006

rayna_sabine8:43am: The Invisible Ring - Anne Bishop
Bad mod...I've finished quite a few books recently, but not posted any reviews.
I finished one yesterday and I felt compelled to share it here, this is really more of a review for the whole series; quite honestly it's one of my top five favorites, up there with Tolkien.

The Invisible Ring is a prequel to a series written after the series. It can be read before reading the series or after and nothing diminishes it's power. Anne Bishop is a marvelous author who excells at sexual tension, mystery, intrigue, and romance (without being sappy)
You really care for the characters and root for them, maybe mist over when things are going rough for them.

The world she has created is of The Blood, people who have magical blood. The amount of magic available to them is dictated by the color of the jewels they are born with. (Birthright jewels) at a certain age they can make a sacrifice and their power grows to a deeper jewel. The darker the jewel, the more power they have.

Men are in the power of women, some good, some bad, and there is a war between the two camps; those who think men are expendable and those who say they are to be valued. Women who disvalue men place a ring of obedience on them and misbehavior is rewarded with a jolt of pain, all unnecessary, as men have a natural instinct to protect a woman and will gladly serve.

I really don't want to go too much into it, the books are extremely well written and draw you in. I don't often recommend to buy books brand new, but the five books in theis series are entirely worth buying full price. That and you'll be waiting a very long time to find them used, those that read them, tend to keep them.

9th July 2006

createaworld3:03pm: Master and Margarita
Hey everyone, this is not a book review it is a recommendation. I recommend that you read Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. it is a "wild, surreal satire on Stalin's USSR." One of my favorite books of all time.

31st May 2006

rayna_sabine9:13pm: Pemberly - Emma Tennant
The second I saw a sequel to Pride and Prejudice I had to buy it. When I went to Armstrong I brought it along with me and looked forward to reading it.

It started out just fine, throwing a wrench into the perfect marriage of Darcy and Elizabeth. Things went along alright, I suppose, until the last three pages. The author evidently got writer's block or an urgent phone call from their editor because they went totally hack on the ending. One minute there's lifelong separation and tragic death and the next page everyone was fine, pregnant and sparklingly alive.

Then I sat back and thought about all I had just read.

This author borrowed very heavily from Jane Austen, lifting dialogue and forcing the characters to regurgitate things they had already said in the previous novel, not to mention a VERY important plot point in Pride is horribly mangled at Emma Tennant's hand.

If you are still curious to try it out, drop me a line, you can have my copy.
If you want a good sequel to Pride, try Presumption, by Julia Bennet. Though the reviews I've read on it (amazon.com) are 50/50, if you keep in mind that this isn't Jane Austen writing, nor is the author pretending to be her, you'll find yourself well entertained.

22nd May 2006

rayna_sabine1:01am: Lord of the Dead
Yeah, I've been bad. I've finished a lot of books, but haven't taken the time to review them.
On Friday I finished a book from my pile. You know the pile, you all have one. Or two. Or a whole shelf.

The premise is that Lord Byron, when touring in Greece, was turned into a vampire. It has some inventive ideas as to why Byron aged and what really happened to him when he "died". There's nothing life changing about this book, but I enjoyed it immensely. It had different lore in addition to the usual vampire fare, and it had the historical touch that I like so much. The ending was pretty soft and disappointing, but for some fluff fiction it was pretty decent.

I'll try to get the others that I've finished done later this week.

28th March 2006

rayna_sabine7:35pm: Ok, since everyone seems to be a bit shy I will start the ball rolling with 2 reviews.

Fionavar Tapestry
This is actually three books but I felt it would be better if I gave the series a review rather than the individual books, so that I wouldn't give away too many details.

A group of five friends are transported to the land of Fionavar by Loren Silvercloak, a mage, and his source (the source of his power) Matt Soren, a dwarf. Initially they are invited to spend two weeks in Fionavar for the High Kings's 50th birthday, but events are set in motion that hold them there longer.

It fulfills that oh so geeky fantasy of joining another world, one with Kings, Dwarves, Elves, Wizards, etc etc. It's a story of friendship, love, sadness and hope. If you took Tolkien and the Arthurian legend (he does figure in the story) and put them together, you would pretty much have the Fionavar Tapestry.

It's beautiful, you should read it if you haven't already.

11th March 2006

oblyvia4:48pm: A first post! Yay!
Our lovely mod, rayna_sabine, asked in her journal what our favorite books are. I thought I'd get the ball rolling here by posting my list!

1. 10, 000 Lovers-Edeet ravel
2. A Moveable Feast-Ernest Hemingway
3. The Hitchhiker's "Trilogy"-Douglas Adams
4. Still Life With a Woodpecker-Tom Robbins
5. The Well Of Lonliness-Radcliffe Hall
6. Grapefruit-Yoko Ono
7. The Chronicles Of Narnia-C.S. Lewis
8. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-Hunter S. Thompson
9. A Coney Island of the Mind-Lawrence Ferlinghetti
10. Skin & Other Stories-Roald Dahl
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rayna_sabine2:08pm: Welcome booklover's! I can't wait to read your reviews and see what you have to recommend. Though I have four stacks of books to consume, I am always on the lookout for more, as I am sure you are too!
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