rayna_sabine (rayna_sabine) wrote in books_in_review,

Lord of the Dead

Yeah, I've been bad. I've finished a lot of books, but haven't taken the time to review them.
On Friday I finished a book from my pile. You know the pile, you all have one. Or two. Or a whole shelf.

The premise is that Lord Byron, when touring in Greece, was turned into a vampire. It has some inventive ideas as to why Byron aged and what really happened to him when he "died". There's nothing life changing about this book, but I enjoyed it immensely. It had different lore in addition to the usual vampire fare, and it had the historical touch that I like so much. The ending was pretty soft and disappointing, but for some fluff fiction it was pretty decent.

I'll try to get the others that I've finished done later this week.
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