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Pemberly - Emma Tennant

The second I saw a sequel to Pride and Prejudice I had to buy it. When I went to Armstrong I brought it along with me and looked forward to reading it.

It started out just fine, throwing a wrench into the perfect marriage of Darcy and Elizabeth. Things went along alright, I suppose, until the last three pages. The author evidently got writer's block or an urgent phone call from their editor because they went totally hack on the ending. One minute there's lifelong separation and tragic death and the next page everyone was fine, pregnant and sparklingly alive.

Then I sat back and thought about all I had just read.

This author borrowed very heavily from Jane Austen, lifting dialogue and forcing the characters to regurgitate things they had already said in the previous novel, not to mention a VERY important plot point in Pride is horribly mangled at Emma Tennant's hand.

If you are still curious to try it out, drop me a line, you can have my copy.
If you want a good sequel to Pride, try Presumption, by Julia Bennet. Though the reviews I've read on it (amazon.com) are 50/50, if you keep in mind that this isn't Jane Austen writing, nor is the author pretending to be her, you'll find yourself well entertained.
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